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Missions Conference Agenda
November 15, 2022
Friday, Nov 18
5:00 - Youth Pizza Supper
7:00 - Missons Conference with reports from Jacobo and Aganetha Wiebe, Harold Groening (Wycliffe) and the main presentation from John Luesink. Coffee and dessert to follow. 
Saturday, Nov 19
9:00 am- Men’s Breakfast with John Luesink
12:00 - Ladies’ Lunch with Gabi Tiessen (Wycliffe)
7:00 - Missions Conference with reports from Kristen Penner, Glenda Schwarz (For Her Dignity), and John Luesink. Coffee and dessert to follow. 
Sunday, Nov 20
9:30 - Kelly Lesser
10:45 - Kelly Lesser, DH, John Luesink 
Potluck lunch after the service, with a soup and pie auction between the main course and dessert. 
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