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EMMC Gathering 2021 "Rooted: Rising to His call"
May 22, 2021


THEME: Rooted: Rising to His Call
DATE: June 4, 5 & 6
PLACE: on your computer / laptop / phone …
the ENTIRE EVENT will be virtual (right here!)

There will be a special "Kid's Activities" section too!

Registration fee: $15 per registrant

Henry Redekopp, Pastor at Mennonite Gospel Church, Vauxhall Alberta

Jesse Doell, Pastor at Hepburn Gospel Church, Saskatchewan

Saturday Workshop themes and speakers:

Spiritual Gifts - Dan Macloskie, Niverville Community Fellowship, MB

The Church and the Next Generation - Peter Klassen, Deer Run Church, Leamington ON

Dealing With It: Rising to His Call - mental health discussion with Sheryl Doerksen, Sutherland Evangelical Church, Saskatoon SK

Crazy and Compassionate - Lorie Neufeld, Inner City Youth Alive, Winnipeg MB

Taking the Risk - Dave Bartsch, YWAM Gold Coast, Australia

Opportunities to Pray!

June 2 - Wednesday evening - General Board Meeting
June 3 - Thursday all day - General Council Meeting

EMMC Gathering 2021 Schedule

Friday, June 4
Ministry Leadership Day geared for pastors and leaders
Evening Main Worship Session #1 – everyone welcome!

Saturday, June 5
Main Worship Session #2 everyone welcome!
“Rooted” – Jesse Doell (Hepburn Gospel Church)

Workshop #1
“Spiritual Gifts” – Dan Macloskie (Niverville Community Fellowship)
“The Church & the Next Generation” -Youth & Young Adults – Peter Klassen (Deer Run Church)
“Dealing with It, Rising to His Call” - Mental Health Discussion – Sheryl Doerksen (Sutherland Evangelical Church)

Workshop #2
“EQUIP – A Discipleship Pathway” – Andy Porter & Darrell Kehler
“Crazy & Compassionate” – Lori Neufeld (Inner City Youth Alive)
“Soul Care” – Dr. Gordon T. Smith (Ambrose University, Alberta)

Workshop #3
“Multiplying in the 21st Century” – Panel Participation
“Broken – Finding Joy in Desperate Times” - Mental Health Discussion – Peter Serger (Director of Youth & Media – EMMC)

Workshop #4
“CarePortal and the Church” – Wendi Park, Forever Families
“Taking the Risk” – Youth & Young Adults – Dave Bartsch (YWAM)

Main Worship Session #3 everyone welcome!
“Rising to His Call” – Henry Redekopp (Mennonite Gospel Church)

Sunday, June 6 – live stream everyone welcome! (Bergfeld will be joining this service)

Main Worship Session #4 - Kelly Lesser (Pastor of Care & Missions EMMC) / Al & Anita Kehler Appreciation

Gathering 2021 Projects

Project Timothy “Proyecto Timoteo” is a LIEAB* leadership training program based on the biblical equipping principle of 2 Timothy 2:2. The three-phase program is designed to call, equip and mobilize leaders within the Bolivian churches and ministries.
Phase One is focused on development of new leaders, many of which are young adults.
Phase Two is directed toward existing church leaders who need deeper ministry preparation.
Phase Three will be a more advanced program for those who will go on to more formal education leading to a bachelor’s degree in theology. Study costs are covered by the students, their local church, and LIEAB. As EMMC we are seeking to come alongside to raise half of the funds needed for Phase One of this important leadership initiative.
Project Timothy Gathering goal: $5000 CND

Project Rising is a fund used to come alongside new church plants and multiplication efforts by providing empowering support for training, start-ups and pastoral support. Our EMMC churches have been encouraged to be obedient to Jesus’ exhortation to make disciples in Matthew 28:18-20. We see a rising! The fruit of these efforts are seen in new ministry outreaches in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and through renewal in Ontario. Through the intentional discipleship use of EQUIP: A discipleship pathway, we anticipate new ministries rising up in Southern Alberta. EQUIP: A Discipleship Pathway is a new practical equipping strategy available to all churches, that will help us pass the baton as together we Rise to the Call!
Project Rising Gathering goal: $5000 CND

*LIEAB is our sister conference in Bolivia comprised of Spanish-speaking believers and churches.
Share this information with friends and neighbours.

this special time of learning, interaction and worship from wherever they may be!

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