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February 14 church service
February 13, 2021
Welcome to Bergfeld Church for February 14, 2021!

Click here to watch this week's service, or here to listen to it.


Opening/devotional - Chris G 
Singing - Janice S, Pauline S & Dorothy H 
Children's feature - Pearl K 
Message - Pastor James F - Job chapters 4-21 

Sermon notes:

9 characteristics of a "frenemy":

1.      They talk about you behind your back.
2.     They’re always asking for favors.
3.     Their emotionally needy and belittle your emotions.
4.     They only want to talk about themselves.
5.     They are jealous of your achievements.
6.     They resist and avoid you till they need something.
7.     They offer cruel criticism as good advice. 
8.     Their joking around can be hurtful.
9.     They are always out to pick a fight with you.

When you offer comfort to those suffering:

1)     Remember to pray ahead of time and with them if they allow it. Prayer is most critical in times like this.
2)     Don’t let yourself butt in the conversation. Wait till you are given the go ahead.
3)     Be ok with not having all the answers. And when you don’t know, be willing to admit it… It can save a lot of hurt feelings and offering of bad advice.
4)     Try not to justify God’s actions. You are not God.
5)     Be willing to listen and not just show up to give advice.
6)     Try not to judge them. This is not the time to judge. Help  them work through the pain, the circumstance. But don’t judge. Don’t condemn.
7)     Do not let your insecurities get in the way.
8)     Be sure not to let your personal feelings get in the way of offering comfort.

Scripture passages:

Job 7:7
Job 4:2-7
Job 5:1, 17
Job 8:3-5, 20-22
Job 11:3-6
Job 14:1
Job 15:9, 17
Job 16:2
Job 18:2-4, 21
Job 20:29
Job 21:2-22
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