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January 10 church service
January 9, 2021
Our service for January 10, 2021: 

You can watch the video here, or listen to the service here

Opening — Henry H 
Singing — James (T) F 
Devotional/prayer corner — Henry H 
Children's feature — Rhonda F 
Message "Faith like a Magi" — Pastor James F 
Closing song — James (T) F 
Read this week's bulletin here.

Sermon notes:

Faith like a Magi

Matthew 2:1-12

Genesis 14:22-24

Micah 5:2

John 7:37-44

1) The Magi got involved.
2) The Magi sought wisdom,
3) The Magi followed through.

May we in our daily walk, get involved as we are able, to seek wisdom, and to follow through in what and where God would have us to go. And to not only look to where we believe God should be, but to allow Him to open our eyes to see what HE would have us see. And through that action may we inspire others to do the same.
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