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November 15 Missions Conference service (watch or listen)
November 14, 2020


You can also listen to the entire service here. (Or on Spotify, iTunes, or the podcast app on your phone or tablet. Just search "Bergfeld Church.")

Program outline:

Opening/devotional — Denis S
Singing — Danae H & Carolyn H
Missions Conference speaker and project introductions — Abe (R) G
Children's feature — Scott & Patsy Buhler, Teach Beyond (formerly Janz Team)
Missions report — Taylor Stutts, EMMC associate missionary with Youth With a Mission, in California
Missions report and message — Scott & Patsy Buhler
Closing — Pastor James F

While there isn't going to be the in-person aspect of our annual Missions Conference this weekend, there is still going to be an opportunity to hear from missionaries and to support three missions projects that have been chosen by the missions committee:

1) a water heater for Teach Beyond's Panapaná Centre in Brazil
2) tuition costs for children in excommunicated families in Shipyard, Belize
3) the Pembina Valley Pregnancy Care Centre's programs for expecting and new mothers

You can read and watch more about each of these on the church website at

For offering and missions conference projects, the options for giving are:
-Put money in Rosella D’s mailbox
-Mail it to Box 1478, Altona, MB R0G 0B0
-E-transfer, contact Rosella for information

Please note if your contribution is designated for missions conference projects.

Video reports from some of the missionaries that were going to be sharing at our Missions Conference have also been posted to the church website. Stay tuned for more, and to hear them in upcoming Sunday services!

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