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Details on our 2020 Missions Conference projects
November 13, 2020

While there isn't going to be the in-person aspect of our annual Missions Conference this weekend, there is still going to be an opportunity to hear from missionaries and to support three missions projects that have been chosen by the missions committee:

1) a water heater for Teach Beyond's Panapaná Centre in Brazil
2) tuition costs for children in excommunicated families in Shipyard, Belize
3) the Pembina Valley Pregnancy Care Centre's programs expecting and new mothers

You can read and watch more about each of these projects below.

Since we can't collect an offering, the giving options are:
-Put money in Rosella D’s mailbox
-Mail it to Box 1478, Altona, MB R0G 0B0
-E-transfer, contact Rosella for information

Please note that your contribution is designated for missions conference projects.

Project 1 — an on-demand water heater for the Panapaná Centre at the Quest camp grounds in Brazil

The Panapaná Centre is the central facility at Teach Beyond's Quest Camping Ministry in Brazil, where our missions conference main speakers Scott and Patsy Buhler serve. This building houses rooms for campers, some suites, a recreation and meeting area, and a kitchen/dining room for the staff and campers. A new building, the Panapaná Centre, is still needing some finishing touches. Your financial gift will help provide an on-demand hot water heating system for the kitchen.

Project 2 — tuition expenses for children of excommunicated families in Shipyard, Belize

The EMMC Church, the Gospel Fellowship Chapel, in Shipyard, Belize operates the school in the community. Most of the children are from families who attend the church. Recently a revival has led to many adults living in this conservative Colony being excommunicated from their Colony church. This leaves their children without the opportunity to learn in the Colony school setting. So, some of these families, now without the support network of the Colony, are asking to send their children to the Cornerstone Christian School. The tuition costs, while comparatively low, are still more than most of these families can afford.

Here's a video made by teachers at the school:

Your financial help can give education, and a brighter future, to these young children.

Project 3 — the Pembina Valley Pregnancy Care Centre

The Pembina Valley Pregnancy Care Centre is committed to walking with those who need help with an unexpected pregnancy, or related questions with Christ-centered love. Your gift can help the centre continue to provide free pregnancy tests, miscarriage and loss support, prenatal learning sessions, and counseling for other family addition or family planning resources. Specific programs they are promoting at this time are:
- a course to help women who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss. The plan is to offer this 5-sessions course annually.
- a series of training events to help staff and volunteers learn how to gently lead women through post-abortion restoration and healing, and
- a fund to provide baby hampers filled with necessary items to women choosing to parent their babies.

They have a drive-by fundraising supper coming up on November 19th!

Find more details at

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