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How to put a service recording on a CD
May 1, 2020
There have been a few requests for recordings of our church services on CD. Since it's not always possible to get these out in a timely manner under the current circumstances, here are some instructions for how you can burn a CD for a family member or someone you know who would appreciate a CD copy:

1. Make sure you have a blank CD (find these at any electronics section or computer store.) Insert into CD drive on computer.
2. Go to the audio section of our church website, and click the "Download" button after selecting the service that you would like to transfer to CD.
3. Right click on the black background that appears after clicking "Download", and select "Save as..." Save the mp3 file recording on your computer's hard drive.
4. Assuming you have Windows on your computer, open the mp3 file in Windows Media Player.
5. Click on the "Burn" tab on the top right corner of Windows Media Player, and drag the service recording file into the "burn list" area.
6. Click "Start burn." Wait for computer to finish burning the CD.

Most CDs only have space for 74-80 minutes of audio, so most services should fit, but the odd one may require some editing. A program like Audacity can be used to edit it down to this size.
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