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Location and time changes during church renovations
October 5, 2019
To accommodate renovations, we're going to be holding our Sunday morning services and some other events at the Redekop facility 1 mile west of Plum Coulee for October, November, and possibly into December.

Here's what the mornings will look like:

9:15am - set up chairs and sound equipment
9:30-9:45am - Sunday School singing
10am - church service
11:25am - clean up chairs (out by 11:40am)

The Missions Conference will also be happening at the Redekop facility, while youth will be meeting at the Altona EMMC church during renos. Pastor James has also temporarily moved his office to Altona EMMC.

If you have any questions, please talk to Henry or someone on the church board or building committee.
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