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Church expansion decision process
January 23, 2019
After prayerfully considering expansion to our church building over the last several years, the church board has decided that doing nothing is not an option.

The building committee shared information at a congregational meeting in early January about a 50'x50' expansion project that they were asked to price. This expansion would add 2500 sq ft at ground level and basement, which would result in increased classroom and dining area, as well as new washrooms, larger library, etc.

There has been considerable interest in a larger (and more expensive) project that would also increase sanctuary space, similar to a plan that was proposed in early 2018. This proposal be above ground-only, with a large sanctuary/dining hall space, as well as more classroom space at ground and mezzanine levels.

The board will be asking regular attenders to vote on which proposal they prefer (50'x50' or a larger expansion with new sanctuary space) at the annual meeting on February 19th at 7pm.

Please talk to the church board members if you want more info (Henry, Cornie, Verna, Tomas, Dave.)
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