Worship Service - Dec 6, 2020
December 6, 2020
The December 6, 2020 service at Bergfeld Church.

Program outline:

Opening/devotional — Lloyd S
Singing — DH, Carolyn H, and Dorothy H 
Missions report — DH 
Advent — Scott S
Message — Pastor James F

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-Put money in Rosella D’s mailbox
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-E-transfer, contact Rosella for information

Sermon Notes

Series: 5 Conversations Leading to Christmas

Sermon Title: Mary the mother of Jesus
Luke 1:26-38

3 steps to a Bible times marriage:
1) The engagement, this meant that the fathers would meet to come to a formal agreement regarding the plans the couple had.
2) After the agreement between father of groom and father of bride, there was a ceremony that took place where mutual promises were made.
3) Took place approximately one year after the time of the agreement and ceremony, the bridegroom would come and take his bride at an unexpected time.
-In the pledge, to be married, both bride to be and the groom to be,were under strict obligation to be faithful to their soon to be spouse.
-No physical intimacy between the two at this point.

10 things to consider as we look at this conversation:
1)This birth that will take place will be like no other birth on earth.
2) Mary, means “exalted."
3) Jesus means to deliver, to rescue, saviour.
4) The kingdom that Jesus was going to establish was going to be for all eternity. For all time.
5) Mary, no better example of being human than a virgin.
6) The “power of the most high” explains to us that there is no other that is stronger than God.
7) Jesus would be “called the Son of God. “In this definition we find that Jesus was the most divine.
8) Verse 36 we read of the baby to be the “Holy One”. This baby would be the most righteous, perfect, pure child — a child of God.
9) God was confirming His message through the angel.
10) “For nothing is impossible with God” ... The angel offered Mary, such sweet comfort in those five words.
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