Worship Service - Nov 8, 2020
October 8, 2020
Job 2:11-13
Worship Service - Nov 8, 2020

Recording of church at Bergfeld on November 8, 2020. 
Worship leader — Chris G 
Song leader — Pauline S and Dorothy H 
Children's story — Darlene T 
Message — Pastor James F 
Closing — Lloyd S 

Message title: 12 characteristics that exemplify  a good friend (part 1)

Job 2:11-13

1) When a friend is in need, be a friend in deed. Make an effort to stay in touch.

2) Be willing to help your friend for their best interest and not for your glory. 

3)  Remember that there is great importance to loyalty in friendships. 

4) A good friend will let you know that you don’t have to feel alone, or to go through something on their own.

5) A good friend cares about their friend's family and what is important to them. 

6) A good friend is willing to work through conflict. 

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