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Baptism Sunday
June 10, 2019

Baptism will be held on July 14th. Please pray for our three candidates as they prepare to take this step […] [READ MORE]

Church Picnic
June 1, 2019

Our annual church picnic is coming up on June 9th at the Plum Coulee Community Hall. Service at 10am followed by a pot luck lunch and games. There is a sign-up sheet regarding food for lunch at the back of the church. A wiener roast will be held after at […] [READ MORE]

DVBS opportunities
May 9, 2019

DVBS needs - Craft coordinator for ages Kindergarten to Grade 3. Also, someone to help coordinate VBS. We will also need lots of teachers, so please pray about it and let Ang know if you are willing to help out […] [READ MORE]

Gathering 2019: to boldly love as Christ loved us
May 6, 2019

Building project update - May 5
May 4, 2019

Construction on our 50'x50' expansion could begin before the end of May.As of Monday, May 1st, $575,000.00 has been pledged. Our goal is $800,000, so there is still opportunity to participate.Rosella will continue to accept pledges and donations. If you have questions, please talk to the Building Committee […] [READ MORE]

Building expansion update!
April 15, 2019

Construction on the 50x50 main floor and basement addition to our church is looking like it could start in May.As of Monday, April 8th, $550,000.00 is pledged. Our goal is $800,000, so there is opportunity to participate. Questions? Talk to the Building Committee (Denis, Jeff, Pearl, and Bernie) […] [READ MORE]

Contributing to our building expansion
March 21, 2019

At the annual meeting in February, it was decided to move ahead with a 50'x50' expansion on the south side of our church. As of October, it was estimated this would cost approximately $800,000.A building committee has been formed, and donation/pledge forms have been distributed in mailboxes at church. You […] [READ MORE]

Baby dedication opportunity
March 20, 2019

Anyone interested in having their children dedicated to God, please talk to Pastor James […] [READ MORE]

A note about scents at church...
March 18, 2019

To be sensitive to people at Bergfeld who have allergies or negative reactions to scents, the church board would like to ask all regular attendees to avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, etc. at church. Thank-you as we go scent-free." […] [READ MORE]

The Gathering 2019 - It's Time to Worship
March 14, 2019

Gathering 2019 (formerly known as the EMMC Convention) July 5 to 7, 2019 Soul Sanctuary, Winnipeg […] [READ MORE]

Ladies retreat around the corner
March 12, 2019

A Ladies Retreat will be held at Winkler Bible Camp Mar 29-30. If you have questions, please talk to Ang, Kayla, or Mallory […] [READ MORE]

Church expansion decision
February 20, 2019

A vote was held at our annual meeting on February 19th to decide between two plans for expanding our church facility. The options were a 50'x50' expansion or a larger project that would include a sanctuary/dining hall space. The 50'x50' expansion was chosen. Please continue to pray and stay tuned […] [READ MORE]

Church expansion decision process
January 23, 2019

After prayerfully considering expansion to our church building over the last several years, the church board has decided that doing nothing is not an option.The building committee shared information at a congregational meeting in early January about a 50'x50' expansion project that they were asked to price. This expansion would […] [READ MORE]

Nominations wanted
January 21, 2019

Nomination forms have been placed in mailboxes at church. Prayerfully consider nominating those you would like to see in the positions indicated. Please have the nomination forms filled out and placed in one of the mailboxes of the nomination Committee. The nomination committee for 2019 is Dave Fehr, Duane Fehr […] [READ MORE]

New adult Sunday School classes
January 3, 2019

Starting January 6th, adult Sunday School classes will begin on Genesis, and Intentional Parenting. The class using David C. Cook material will also continue. 9:30 on Sunday mornings at church […] [READ MORE]

Preparing for Annual Meeting
January 2, 2019

Our Church Annual Meeting is coming up quickly. In order to prepare for it there will be a CHURCH BOARD MEETING on Monday JANUARY 14TH at 6:30pm followed by an ALL COMMITTEE/BUDGET MEETING at 7:45pm. The ANNUAL MEETING WILL BE ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH AT 7:00PM. Our Nomination Committee consists […] [READ MORE]

Sharing service on New Year's Day
December 28, 2018

New Years Day: Sharing Service starts at 10:00 am [READ MORE]

Christmas Calendar
December 10, 2018

Christmas Calendar Beginning Sunday, December 9, 9:30am Sunday School practice in sanctuary Saturday, December 22, 9:15am Sunday School PRACTICE Saturday, December 22, 7:00pm SUNDAY SCHOOL PROGRAM; snack to follow Sunday, December 23, NO Sunday School, Service begins at 10:00am Tuesday, December 25 Special Christmas Morning Service at 10:00am; potluck/games to follow Sunday, December 30, regular Sunday […] [READ MORE]

Praying for God's Will in Building Planning
November 28, 2018

You're invited to attend a prayer meeting on December 4th at church regarding our proposed building expansion to focus on God's will for our Church. This will be followed by a congregational meeting on January 7th to discuss the building estimate posted on back bulletin board in church (as required […] [READ MORE]

EMMC 2018 Thank You Video
November 26, 2018

A glimpse into the various ministries supported by our family of churches in the EMMC in 2018:<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreengt;</iframe> […] [READ MORE]

Bergfeld Missions Conference
October 22, 2018

Mark your calendars for an exciting weekend focused on missions in Manitoba and around the world.The 2018 Bergfeld Missions Conference will be held November 16-18.The main speaker for the weekend will be Henry Redekopp, who served in Shipyard, Belize with his family, together with EMMC.On Friday evening (7pm), Cohle Bergen will […] [READ MORE]

Harvest Party on October 31
October 15, 2018

Harvest Party for kids on Oct. 31. 6:30-8:30. Carnival games, snacks, Bible story. If anyone would like to help with snacks, contact Ang D […] [READ MORE]

Thanksgiving-themed sharing Sunday
October 8, 2018

On Sunday, October 14th, we are planning a Thanksgiving-themed worship service. Instead of a message there will be a time of sharing. Please come prepared to share what you are thankful for […] [READ MORE]

Youth hayride hosting
September 18, 2018

Youth are planning a hayride for Sept 28 and will need a few houses and food like appetizers, potatoes/veggies, meat, dessert. If you would like to help out, please contact Shelton or Lauri […] [READ MORE]

Men's skeet shoot night
September 15, 2018

Men’s supper and skeet shoot at Denis & Janice’s, Tuesday, Sept 18, 6pm. Sign-up sheet in back. To volunteer or info talk to Denis or Kurtis […] [READ MORE]

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